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How does TextChat work?

TextChat is a live chat tool for websites that send chat request notifications to the business via text message and links the chat directly to a mobile browser.  No third-party apps are needed to communicate with website visitors.

Can TextChat fit into my website branding?

Yes! TextChat is completely customizable to seamlessly match your website branding. You can choose your color palette, logo, team name’s and headshots, as well as your automatic loading messages. Our awesome administrative dashboard allows for all of this.

Where is TextChat supported?

TextChat is exclusively available to businesses in the United States. However, many of our clients serve customers from around the world!

How do I put TextChat on my website?

Once you request a free trial with TextChat, our team will send you a snippet of code that goes directly on your site. If needed, we have a rockstar support and development team that can assist in putting this on your site.

What technology do I need in order to use TextChat?

All you need is a smart phone, cell service, and your website! TextChat purposely avoids using third-party apps in order to keep the experience simple and easy for a business owner.

What if I am unavailable to chat?

We understand you can’t be available to speak to website visitors all the time. Therefore, we give you control of setting when you are and are not available. If you are not available, we give you an option of responding to chats that can be delivered to an email or text.