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"We had another live chat for two years and never answered a chat on time. We installed TextChat and we got our first sales chat within hours. I can think of a thousand businesses that need it."

Carson Cohen | Millenium Motor cars

"TextChat is incredibly easy to install, use, and manage. It has given a small, highly niche manufacturing business like Airsled a new and important channel to engage with our customers."

Stan Kanevsky | Airsled

"Their approach to live chat delivery with multiple recipients is smart. As soon as I saw TextChat’s delivery model, I knew right away, it was a winner.”

Scott Erlbaum |

"1 out of every 2 of our TextChat conversations results in a sale. The real-time nature of TextChat is what makes the difference for sales and customer service."

Adam Tessier | TAYLOR & TESSIER

"We launched TextChat in two minutes with no training and got our first substantial lead within a couple of days. Every business needs this tool."

Max Weiner |

"The best part is the obvious, immediate notifications. At Tink Digital we handle everything ourselves. It’s helpful for us to not have to focus on sales all the time"

Martin Horstman | Tink Digital Inc

"The TextChat product is fantastic and solves every problem we had with other chat options. We needed branding and customization features that we did not find with other chat-related companies."

ron sullivan | inphone

"Within a few days of adding TextChat to our website, we had our first qualified lead through chat. I answered the chat and set up a discovery call in less than 10 minutes right from my phone."

Melissa Wallace | fivefoottwo marketing

Revolutionizing live chat for Shopify stores

TextChat uniquely merges the power of live chat and SMS to help you manage customer queries on the go, without having to hire dedicated live agents!

Visitor sends you a message via live chat

With TextChat, implement the fastest way for customers to reach out to you on your site. The easiest live chat app for Shopify.

We notify you of the live chat message via SMS

Get notified of every customer chat request via text message notification. No mobile app needed!

Listen, engage, and convert!

Chat with your customers in real time, answer their questions, help them make their purchase, & increase your sales!

Live chat can increase your Shopify store conversions by 45%. But only when you offer an instant response time!

Powerful Features Included with Your Shopify Live Chat App.

Do more with your time by handling live chat on the go. Leverage the power of SMS to get notified in real time, thanks to TextChat’s powerful features.

Get notified of live chat messages instantly

42% of customers prefer live chat over email and social media because they want to talk to you.

To make sure they don’t wait too long and lose interest, we send out a text message to all your live agents the very instant that someone submits a sales request on your Shopify store.  

Whoever has the fastest fingers on your team gets to talk to the visitor and turn the live chat conversation into a sales conversion!

Increase efficiency. Eliminate lag time. Drive higher conversions.

TextChat live chat agents team

Quickly update your availability to your manage time better

It’s impossible to stay online all the time. You’ve got to catch up with friends and family too! You need to maintain that work-life balance.

That’s why TextChat moves away from the 24/7 mentality and gives you the flexibility to update your availability.

Unlike other chat apps, we let you decide and even change your mind about when you want to be available. Simply use the toggle button in your dashboard!

Don't worry, while you're away, TextChat transforms from live chat mode to chatbot mode to log all incoming customer messages until you get back.

Take control of your time as we help you take control of your live chat!

If you’ve been struggling to manage customer questions without enough live agents to tackle them all, TextChat is your one-stop solution.

Quick Shopify integration

Implement the live chat app on your Shopify store in less than 10 minutes.

Easy live chat routing

Sales or support,  TextChat makes it easy to route customer questions to the right place.

Work anytime, anywhere

Get live chat notifications via SMS with a secure one-click link to  join the conversation.

No mobile app required

Manage live chat on your smartphone, without having to install an additional mobile app.

Save on support agent costs

No training oradditional hires are required to use this Shopify live chat app. Your existingteam is ready for sales and customer support!

Get to really know your customers

Learn how your visitors interact with your Shopify store and offer a more meaningful customer experience.

Why choose TextChat for your Shopify live chat app?

A typical Shopify live chat app will require you to sit in front of your screen for hours.

You move, and you miss out on both the chats and the opportunity to turn chats into sales.

So we found a better way of managing things.

TextChat uniquely uses SMS to notify you of live chat requests on your smartphone. This lets you manage customer communications even when making coffee, taking a walk, or enjoying the sun at the beach!

We’re not just revolutionizing live chat. We’re making it simpler for you.

Customers want to talk to you before they buy. Make it easy with TextChat!

Chat with your customers on the go. Get notified of live chat messages via SMS and respond through a one-click link. Boost engagement and watch your sales and customer satisfaction go through the roof!

Turn live chat conversations into sales conversions with the new-age Shopify live chat app!

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