February 10, 2021

How to Offer a Tailored Experience to Customers with a Shopify Customer Account Page

The only way to have customers come back to your store is by offering them a personalized experience. This is where a customer account page comes in.

How to Offer a Tailored Experience to Customers with a Shopify Customer Account Page

February 10, 2021

Personalization is an important part of your Shopify store experience. 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalized experiences. By not personalizing your on-site experience, you miss out on big opportunities to sell more. One way to personalize your Shopify store is through the Shopify customer account page. 

By setting up a personalized customer account page, you can engage your shoppers better, keep them on your Shopify store for longer, and increase repeat purchases. Let’s dive into what the customer account page is, how you can customize it, and the features you can enable to enrich shopping experiences on your Shopify store.

How Can You Offer a Tailored Experience with a Customized Shopify Customer Account Page?

1. Make your customer account page consistent with your Shopify store design

The generic Shopify customer account page has no personality and often looks inconsistent with the rest of the Shopify store design. With a customer account app like Flits, you can transform the design for this page and set it up to look like the rest of your Shopify store.

By being able to customize the customer account page and its design, you can deliver a seamless shopping experience to visitors and stay true to your store design and personality.

2. Add a personalized touch to your store

80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalized experiences. By rewarding shoppers’ actions and letting them curate product lists with items they like, you can provide a higher level of personalization and make purchasing easier.

A customized customer account page lets you enable features like rewards programs, wishlisting, etc and personalize the on-site experience to each shopper. By setting up personalized experiences, marketers have been able to see an average 20% increase in sales

3. Increase repeat purchases

Reordering is common, especially for stores that sell items like skincare, supplements, etc. With a customer account page, you can make it easier for shoppers to find items they bought in the past and simplify reordering experiences. 

A customized customer account page lets you set up one-click reorder buttons on your "Orders" page, helping you boost repeat purchases.

4. Give shoppers more reasons to register

With a branded customer account page along with features like wishlisting and rewards, shoppers would have more reasons to register as a customer. Some may register because they want to save items or to redeem specific rewards or just because of how special the customer account experience is.

These enriching features get more customers through the door, giving them the right motivation to buy.

5. Make it easier to save and find items they are interested in

Visitors on your Shopify store would surely be interested in a few items but may not want to buy all these items in one go. The wishlisting feature and even the "Recently Viewed Products" feature within your customer account page can help. 

By enabling such features on your customer account page, you can allow shoppers to find items they previously liked without making them browse through your extensive product catalog and get them to checkout faster.

Features You Need On Your Shopify Customer Account Page

1. Orders

By default, all customer account pages have the “Orders” page, displaying all the shopper’s past orders, the cost, and the products they bought. 

The “Orders” page helps you provide more transparency over what the shopper has bought from you.

2. Reorder

Oftentimes, shoppers have to open the product page to reorder an item. Instead, you can simplify this experience by allowing instant, one-click reorder for shoppers through your “Orders” page.
Display a “Reorder” button on your “Orders” page and let shoppers reorder products instantly. This way, customers would be able to reorder products they bought previously instantly and cut short their shopping time. 

3. Saved addresses

Make it easier for shoppers to view all the addresses they’ve used on your Shopify store and let them modify and save new addresses easily. 

By giving shoppers access to their addresses, you can make checkout experiences smoother and let shoppers place orders for themselves or for their loved ones and pick their preferred address without having to spend time entering the address during checkout.

4. Wishlisting

With a wishlist on your customer account page, you can let your shoppers save items they were interested in and let them view and buy these wishlisted items with a direct add to cart.

By providing the option to wishlist, shoppers will be able to save items they are interested in and they will be more likely to come back to shop from you.

5. Recently Viewed Products

Even if your shoppers haven’t saved an item they were interested in to their wishlist, they can easily look at these previously viewed items by visiting their customer account page. The ‘Recently Viewed Products’ page lists every product that the shopper looked at, allowing them to backtrack and find items that caught their eye.

Such a page cuts short the time that shoppers would end up spending for products that caught their interest but they didn’t save when browsing the store’s catalog and allow them to purchase these products easily.

6. Social login

92% of people said that they end up leaving the website permanently instead of going through the password recovery process. This issue can easily be solved by a one-click registration and login process like social login.

Social login allows your shoppers to access their customer account page and start their checkout process faster. It lets shoppers sign up to your online store using social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

7. Rewards program

One of the best ways to keep customers engaged on your customer account page is through a stunning rewards program. A rewards program lets you give shoppers rewards for taking action on your Shopify store, which they can later redeem as discounts when ordering. Your shoppers will be more likely to order from your brand because of these rewards.

8. Referral program

Many leading brands have been able to turn their customers into brand advocates with a winning referral program. You can set up such a referral program on your Shopify customer account page. 

With a referral program, you can reward shoppers for referring new customers and create more oppurtunities to engage your existing customers while capturing new ones.

Provide a tailored and personalized experience with a Shopify customer account page!

The Shopify customer account page is your shopper’s personal space, making it easier for them to find items they are interested in and increasing repeat purchases on your Shopify store. Read how you can set up a well-designed and personalized Shopify customer account page on your Shopify store.

If you’re looking for a Shopify app to customize your customer account page, look no further than Flits. Flits lets you transform your customer account page, customize it, and add personalization features to make your customers eager to visit your Shopify store again. From wishlisting to rewards, the app lets you provide an engaging experience that will turn shoppers into loyal customers.

Install Flits and set up a personalized customer account page on your Shopify store.

Author bio:

Gunjan is the co-founder of Flits, the only Shopify app that lets you transform your customer account page, customize it, and add personalization features to help you increase repeat purchases and loyalty on your Shopify store. 

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