Shalamon Duke of Original Chronic Coffee and Tea Chats And Max Weiner of Max Weiner Gemologist On The Importance of Hassle-Free Live Chat [Customer Testimonial]

We got together with customer Shalamon Duke of Chronic Coffee and Tea and Max Weiner of Max Weiner Gemologist to chat about the impact of an easy-to-use live chat on small businesses.

Have you used other live chat tools in the past? How is TextChat different? 

Shalamon: I have yes, and I think TextChat is different because, obviously, the chat comes straight to the cellphone so I’m not bound [to] being pinged on the outside of the app or a mobile app that’s on the phone-or being tied to my computer-to answer the chats. So I think that’s the most convenient part about TextChat. I keep TextChat on 24/7 just like I keep my cellphone on 24/7 because we don’t know when sales or when leads are going to be coming in. It makes life easier, you know, especially as a small business. I don’t have [a ton of] operators standing by, it’s me standing by.

Max: I’ve used a couple. I think I used Intercom. It wasn’t bad, but it was a little bit expensive. A little bit too much for what we needed. With TextChat, I didn’t have to install anything, it just works in the browser. And, I had employees that help answer the TextChats, so we just set it up and they get texts-and they know how to answer texts! We can get to people in real time. 

If someone’s actually looking for something, they want it at the moment. Sometimes an hour or two goes by and they might just be disinterested. Last week, somebody [TextChatted] me that they had a piece of jewelry that they wanted to sell, so I set up an appointment right then and there. They came in the following Monday, and we bought it!