May 3, 2021

Josh Novodor of Luxury VIP Suites Lets Us In On The 350k Super Bowl Sale He Scored Using TextChat [Customer Testimonial]

We got together with long term customer Josh Novodor, founder of Luxury VIP Suites, to chat about the recent sale he closed during the Super Bowl using TextChat.

Have you used other live chat tools in the past? 

Josh: I’ve used Olark, which was, you know…not the same as TextChat. Obviously TextChat has helped our business, predominantly by answering chats immediately. We don’t have to be on the computer and it automatically goes right to one of the salesmen’s cellphones and they can answer it immediately and have a conversation with a client [who’s] interested in booking a luxury suite. 

What would you say is different about TextChat that you couldn’t find in other live chat applications? 

Josh: To be honest with you, it’s an automatic sale, because once someone is on the internet and they want to chat with you via your website, it automatically goes to the salesmen and someone answers it; and if another salesmen wants to answer it and they’re late to the game, it already states another guy is in the chat, speaking with the actual client.  

How has TextChat helped you land more sales? Could you tell us a specific story on how TextChat helped you close on a sale? 

Josh: I’ll just give you a recent sale that we’ve just had with the Super Bowl in Tampa, Florida. Gentleman was on about 10:30 at night, big construction company CEO, and he was interested in purchasing a Super Bowl suite. He went right on the website, obviously no-one picked up the phone so he went to the TextChat and automatically I answered it, had a conversation. Monday morning-this was Sunday night–Monday morning he had a contract and then we received a wire of 350,000 for him on Tuesday. All because of TextChat!