October 15, 2020

How TextChat Works: A Guide for Agents and Customers

Get a better look at the user experience for both chat agents and end consumers, and discover the inside scoop on your new sales superfuel.

How TextChat Works: A Guide for Agents and Customers

October 15, 2020

Rethink how you approach customer communication. If there was a simple, affordable, and effective alternative to traditional live chat, wouldn’t you take it? 

Well, lucky for you, TextChat is changing the ecommerce status quo. 

TextChat is a live chat tool that empowers you to engage with customers from anywhere, as long as you have cell phone service. Experience firsthand the convenience of a tool that doesn’t require extensive training or annoying administrative tasks and delivers customers real-time responses from a human—not a robot.

Learn more about how TextChat makes every aspect of ecommerce better for both you and your customers. 

TextChat for Consumers

Customers want answers, and they want them fast. That’s why TextChat is built to be a better chat tool. 

Once TextChat is installed on your site, you can quickly and efficiently get customers answers to all of their questions. When a customer has a question, they simply click on the chat box in the bottom right hand corner of your site, and they’ll have two different options: sales or support.

If they have a support question, they’ll fill out their information and a customer support representative will contact them later to help. When they select sales, they’ll be connected in real-time with a customer service agent on the other end in less than 30 seconds. And not just a bot—a real, human customer support agent who can help them with anything. 

The customer and agent can message back and forth to get any and all of the customer’s questions answered. In the unlikely event that no customer service agents are available, the customer can submit their information and someone will get back to them ASAP. 

Once the customer has everything they need, they don’t have to do anything else—they can either close the chat window, leave it idle, or close their web browser. 

TextChat for Customer Service Agents

TextChat isn’t just making things better for customers. It was designed to be more flexible for businesses, too. Thanks to TextChat’s innovative technology that integrates with text messages, you and your team can effectively do your jobs while also enjoying your free time.

When a customer submits a question through TextChat on your website, every available service agent receives a text message from TextChat right away. The text includes a direct link to the chat so you can respond to the customer almost immediately. 

The first agent to click the chat link is redirected to their mobile browser to start chatting with the customer in real time. Agents can also manage multiple chats from within the mobile dashboard and easily jump from a finished TextChat conversation to a new one for even more convenience. Every chat takes place in the browser, instead of an app, to consolidate everything in one place.

Every TextChat text is also sent from the same phone number so you always know who’s texting you. That way, agents can easily manage everything entirely from their phone instead of worrying about complicated software or managing annoying push notifications. 

When you want to sign off for the night, simply head to your dashboard profile and toggle the availability button. With just one touch, TextChat marks you as unavailable and you won’t get any new customer inquiries. Then, whenever you're ready to be back in action, you can toggle the availability button once more, and you're good to go. If your whole team is unavailable, TextChat's chatbot logs customer information for you so you can get in touch with them later.

No matter the size of your team, TextChat is flexible enough to work for any business. From one to 100 employees, our platform lets you be even more agile to communicate with customers on-the-go. 

If you can text, you can TextChat. Deliver a better experience for both your agents and your customers today.

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