December 23, 2020

How Many Live Chat Agents Do You Need to Never Miss a Chat? ZERO.*

*But only if you’re using TextChat as your website live chat software.

How Many Live Chat Agents Do You Need to Never Miss a Chat? ZERO.*

December 23, 2020

Don't believe us? Take it from Martin and Alysha Horstman, a husband and wife small business team. With all their other business responsibilities, neither of them can afford to focus solely on answering website live chat requests 24/7. Luckily, they don’t have to. 

TextChat empowers small business owners and ecommerce stores to answer live chat conversations in real time by sending notifications as SMS messages to your phone. From there, you can respond right away via a one-click link to your mobile browser.

At Tink Digital, it takes ZERO live chat agents to never miss a chat. Neither Martin nor Alysha is a live chat agent by training — the former is an engineer, and the latter is an artist and an educator. Now, as owners of their own small business, they have even less time to spend on learning the ins and outs of a dedicated live chat platform. 

With TextChat, they took their educational games business to the next level of sales and customer support, without having to hire any extra help and without having to spend any extra time learning to use a new software.

“The best part is the obvious, immediate notifications. At Tink Digital, we handle everything ourselves. It’s helpful for us to not have to focus on sales all the time.” 

You don’t need to hire a dedicated live chat agent just to stay in touch with your customers. Your existing team is more than ready. TextChat is the easiest no-app, no-platform, no-login, and no-training channel to reach your customers in real time on your website.

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