December 15, 2020

Is it spelled “eCommerce,” “e-commerce,” or “ecommerce”?

Trick question. All are correct! The spelling you choose should keep your messaging in line with your branding to show your web visitors that your digital brand is consistent.

Is it spelled “eCommerce,” “e-commerce,” or “ecommerce”?

December 15, 2020

Let’s admit that standardizing the new and rapidly-evolving language of Internet English is still a major problem, and with no solution in sight. If you’ve ever shopped online before, you’ve probably seen at least three different (correct) spellings of this one word! 

But what if we see the three different spellings as an opportunity to take advantage of rather than a problem to be solved? Each of these spelling variations has its own connotation, so why not use it to reinforce your brand? 

Here’s an example of a similar case study. Remember back when email was a completely new form of communication and people really had no idea how to spell it? I mean, even the naming is unoriginal… it’s just the word “electronic” attached to the beginning of an existing word. People were spelling the same word as “email,” “e-mail,” “eMail,” and sometimes even “E-mail.” 

In the end, the least complicated variation of the word won out. Why? Because writing out “email” without a hyphen or a capitalization signals that you’re comfortable enough with electronic mail to not make a fuss over it. And everyone wanted to come off as Internet savvy. No one wants to be left behind the curve! 

That said, not everyone got on the same page. Even today, you might still see some brands write out “e-mail,” and that’s probably enough to make you at least somewhat wary about their digital competencies. It’s honestly kind of embarrassing. 

We’re betting that the same will be true of electronic commerce, otherwise known as “eCommerce,” “e-commerce,” “ecommerce,” etc. Someday, when all commerce is electronic commerce and all retail is online retail, we won’t even be asking ourselves how to spell it. We’ll just all know to spell it “ecommerce.”

That’s why the TextChat team uses the spelling “ecommerce.” As a software product for the Shopify stores and the rest of ecommerce industry, we’d like to think we’re pretty tech-savvy. And, hopefully, as our loyal blog readers, you think so too. 

So, take it from us. The spelling that you choose to use should signal to your target audience that your brand is on track with the rest of your business’ branding. 

Whatever spelling of ecommerce you choose to use in your messaging, make sure it’s a deliberate choice and stay consistent with it. You’re connoting something to your target audience of web visitors or returning customers, so make it a connotation you can stand behind!

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