December 9, 2020

Customize Your Website Live Chat to Match Your Branding

Enhance your customers' TextChat experience by customizing your website live chat to match the look and feel of your online brand. Here's how.

Customize Your Website Live Chat to Match Your Branding

December 9, 2020

People want to buy from people they like, know, and trust. One way to maintain the integrity of your brand is to match your website live chat to the rest of your digital experience. Luckily, TextChat gives you the opportunity to customize your chat widget, window, and messages. In fact, the customization steps are built right into the setup process for Shopify merchants! Check it out.

First things first, make a great first impression in your pop-up message

The pop-up message that appears above your chat widget is your customer's first impression of you, so use it well. If they don't like what they see, they might go straight to X in the top right corner. (No pressure, right?)

The best practice here is to keep your message short and sweet. The shorter the text is, the less room it takes up on screen. While you want your customers to engage with you in live chat, you definitely don't want to obscure any of your existing website graphics and text with a pop-up! A shorter message gives your customers the best of both worlds — they get to see your carefully-crafted homepage design, and they also get to hear from you directly.

Next, customize your default greeting

This is what your customers after they expand the chat window to live chat with you. The same rule applies here — the shorter your greeting message, the better.

The good news is, your customers already want to talk to you if they chose to open up the chat window. The bad news is, it's really easy to lose them right here. If it takes too long to engage in a real conversation with you, then you might lose their interest. Make it easy for your customers to engage with you, and fast, by keeping your greeting short and to the point.

This step's easy. Just put down your team's contact info!

See those two buttons in the chat window? The TextChat chatbot sends support requests to the email that you put down right here for "Support Notifications". This is usually a team email address, like, but it can also be the contact info of whoever's in charge of customer support on your team.

On the other hand, the sales button routes your customers to chat directly with a live chat agent. But, even if no one on your team is available, no worries! The chatbot can simply record the sales request in the same way that it records the support request. You'll typically want to put down a team email address that will forward the message to the whole sales team, like Or, if you're a solopreneur, it can just be your own contact info.

Finally, add a few "fun facts" about your product or your company

It's like choosing the hold music for a support phone number, except it's a hundred times better. Unlike traditional forms of support like phone calls, live chat can connect customers and businesses almost instantly. These are just a couple of fun facts that your customers will see after they click on the sales button and before they begin chatting with you.

Don't get too attached to these fun facts though! You'll get your TextChat notification so fast, they'll barely have time to read these. It's the best kind of "problem" to have! 

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