May 7, 2020

Add Live Chat to Your Shopify Site in Less Than 3 Minutes

In just six easy steps, install TextChat for a high-quality customer experience that helps you hit your sales goals.

Add Live Chat to Your Shopify Site in Less Than 3 Minutes

May 7, 2020

Instead of having to call a customer service line and sit on hold for eternity, live chat gives you the answers you want without the hassle. That’s why live chat has become the leading digital contact method for consumers and has the highest satisfaction levels at 73%.

Live chat also drives improvement in almost every aspect of your business: higher customer satisfaction, increased up-sell revenue, and lower cart abandonment — need we say more? And as a live chat tool that integrates with text messages, TextChat makes answering customer inquiries easier than ever before. 

Every time a new question comes in, service agents will get a text with a link to their mobile browser where they can start chatting with customers immediately. There’s no app, no dashboard, and no annoying notifications at all hours of the day. Instead, it’s a streamlined way to get customers the support they need while helping you live your life away from a computer screen. 

Installing TextChat for your Shopify store is super simple, and you can do it in less time than it takes to say “My customers need a better way to get answers.” Follow these six easy steps, and you’ll be up and running in no time. 

Step 1: Search for TextChat in the Shopify App Store

If you’re finally fed up with too many abandoned carts, unimpressive conversion rates, and missed sales goals, all you have to do is type “TextChat” into the Shopify App Store. Once you find the app, just click to begin installation and kick-start the process of improving your customer’s experience. 

Step 2: Add Your Main Administrator 

Every business needs a point person. After you’ve installed the app, you’ll need to designate your main TextChat administrator. If your business is a one-man-show, you’ll want to add your own information. For larger brands, it usually makes the most sense to choose your head of sales or customer support as the main administrator.

The person you choose is up to you, but choose wisely: this person will manage and oversee all of your store’s TextChat tools. They’ll have access to your entire backend and can make new agents, change your widget aesthetics (we’ll get to that later), and update your billing information.

If you’re not sure who to designate during the sign up process, don’t worry. You can always change this setting later and pass the torch to someone new. 

Step 3: Add Your Other Users’ Information

Once you’ve set your TextChat admin, you’ll want to add in the information for all other users. These users are the sales, marketing, or customer support representatives who will directly interact with your customers.

You’ll need to add names and phone numbers for everyone so that TextChat can send them text messages anytime a customer submits an inquiry. You can also add a photo or avatar to make the chat experience a little more personal. 

Unlike the main administrator, users cannot access other TextChat features or make changes to the platform — they can only control their own availability and interact with customers. 

Step 4: Customize Your Chat Widget and Window

Now comes the fun part! Your TextChat widget has customizable features, so you can make sure it looks the part once it’s live. Change the color, logo, and hold messages that appear when a customer is chatting to make sure the overall aesthetic fits your brand standards. You can always go back and change this at any time if you need to, so don’t be afraid to commit.

Step 5: Start Using TextChat  

That’s it, you’re done! Setting up your new sales and support tool is as easy as that. Once TextChat is live, you can interact with customers in real time to get them the info they need — without being stuck at your desk at all hours. Experience what it’s like to get your life back and become an ecommerce superstar.

If you can text, you can TextChat. Get started today.

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