December 1, 2020

Access All Your Conversations From Your Mobile Agent Dashboard

The TextChat mobile agent dashboard gives you easy and secure access to all your live chat conversations, past and present.

Access All Your Conversations From Your Mobile Agent Dashboard

December 1, 2020

TextChat's user-friendly mobile agent dashboard requires no logins and is easy to find. You can securely access your mobile agent dashboard by clicking into any current or previous TextChat notification link in your text message history. Once inside, you can view your current open chats, and then navigate to look at all your chats, including the ones you’ve previously closed.

In other words, you can access all of your conversations on one screen, with just one link click! TextChat gathers everything into one place and preserves your live chat history so that you can revisit previous customer conversations at any time.

Using the TextChat Mobile Agent Dashboard on an iPhone

Apple fans, rejoice. It's easy to get into your mobile agent dashboard as an iPhone user.

Check out the example in the gif below. We're clicking on a new live chat notification link from the banner notification, but you can head to your Messages app to click on any previous notification links as well. Next, we'll be launched into a TextChat conversation in Internet browser app. The default for iPhones is usually Safari, but we know a few Firefox and Google Chrome fans, too.

Usually, you'll want to respond to your customer right away if you're headed to a current conversation. But what if we want to jump around to previous conversations or other open conversations? Just use the "<" button in the top left corner of the screen to do so.

Using the TextChat Mobile Agent Dashboard on an Android Phone

The good news is, it's just as easy to get into your TextChat mobile agent dashboard on an Android phone! Here's how.

In this example below, we're using a Google Pixel phone and clicking on a previous live chat notification link from the Messages app on our Android phone. You can also click on a link from a live chat conversation, but didn't happen to get any when filming this example.

Anyway, after clicking your TextChat link, the conversation will automatically open up in your Internet browser app. On Android phones, the default browser is Google Chrome.

So, we're now viewing a particular chat conversation, but let's say we're interested in seeing others. Well, we can simply click on the "<" button in the top left corner of our chat screen to access all other TextChat conversations. It's that easy!

Accessing TextChat Conversations via the Mobile Agent Dashboard

If you look closely and compare the two examples above, you might notice that they don't look very different! In fact, the only differences between the two are the text messaging app native to your phone and your browser of choice.

Other than that, the process for accessing your TextChat mobile agent dashboard is exactly the same between iPhones and Androids.

Don't believe us? Check out the gif of the mobile agent dashboard again below. Here's a challenge for you: figure out whether the gif of the TextChat dashboard below came from an iPhone or an Android.

(PS... don't bother trying! Unless you cheated and saw the agent photo in the top left, it's a trick question. It's impossible to tell the difference between the TextChat browser for iPhones vs Androids.)

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