An alphabetized guide to all relevant live chat,
ecommerce, and TextChat vocabulary and
their definitions.

Website visitors are anonymous Internet users who make it onto your website, one way or another. They might come from “organic” sources or “owned” media, such as organic search engines; from “earned” media, such as press releases or podcast guest appearances; from “paid” sources or “paid” media, such as social media ads or PPC search ads; or even just “direct” to your website by typing in your domain name or URL. If you’re an ecommerce store, you should view every single web visitor as a potential customer and treat them that way. It’s just like a physical retail store! Greet your visitors as they enter, organize and label your products so that visitors know where to find everything they need in your store, and most importantly, make sure your visitors know that you’re available to offer help and answer any questions they might have during their shopping experience. You can recreate that in-person customer experience for your web visitors shopping online by using live chat to engage them in conversation.