An alphabetized guide to all relevant live chat,
ecommerce, and TextChat vocabulary and
their definitions.

Shopify merchants can head to the Shopify App Store to find specialized software tools that are integrated with the Shopify platform and can be added to Shopify stores with little to no effort at all. Shopify apps come in many different categories and serve many different purposes. You can find TextChat, one of the highest-rated live chat apps for Shopify, in the Shopify App Store. Just head to the drop-down menu, then follow Categories > Customer support > Messaging and chat. You can also find us directly in the Shopify App Store search bar! Just type in “TextChat” or “TextChat live chat.” You can also take a look around at other Shopify live chat apps in the Shopify App Store, but we’re confident that you’d love TextChat. ;)