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Smartphones and other mobile devices typically come with a suite of native mobile apps, including a standard phone app, text messaging app, mobile web browser (Google Chrome for Androids and Safari for iPhones), app store (Google Play Store for Androids and Apple’s App Store for iPhones), as well as several other native apps. In addition to the basics, you can further customize your phone with third-party apps that you download from the app store.

Some third-party mobile apps are well-polished, integrated with your mobile device, and provide a seamless user experience. For example, social media companies with tens of thousands of dedicated full-time employees typically produce high-quality, well-integrated mobile apps for any device. However, as you may know from experience, not all mobile apps are made equal. When you download a smaller third-party app onto your phone, you’re not always guaranteed an easy user experience. Sometimes, the app isn’t optimized for your specific device. Sometimes, the app doesn’t sync with your notification center correctly, so you keep missing important notifications that you needed to know about. When in doubt, it’s best to stick with the native apps that already come included with your brand-new phone.

The great thing about TextChat live chat is that you’ll never have to download any third-party mobile apps, update them constantly, learn to use their user interface, or rely on them at all. You’ll only ever need your text messaging app and your Internet browser. TextChat is easy to get started and easy to use.