Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. 
Read on for some of the most common questions about TextChat.

All About TextChat

How does TextChat work?
TextChat is a business website live chat tool that sends chat request notifications to our users via text message and links them to chat directly in their mobile browser. With TextChat, you'll never need any platform-specific training or third-party apps just to answer live chats on your own website.

Who can benefit from using TextChat?
If you can text, you can TextChat! TextChat is a live chat software solution that helps any business with a website to communicate with their customers in real time and bring in sales. 

Does TextChat fit into my website branding? 
TextChat is completely customizable to seamlessly match your website branding. Upload your color palette, your logo, your team’s names and photos, your loading messages, and more! You can adjust TextChat to match the look and feel of your brand, so the live chat experience matches the rest of your website.

Unlike pretty much every other business website live chat software out there (looking at you Tidio, Zendesk, HubSpot, and too many others to name.)... TextChat for your website is completely un-branded. In other words, we won't treat your live chat as an ad for ourselves. It's your website, so your chat window will be your own. Your website visitors won't have any idea you're using TextChat for your live chat!

Where is TextChat supported? 
TextChat is exclusively available to businesses based in the United States. However, many of our clients serve customers from all around the world!  

Which one is better for me, TextChat or TextChat for Shopify? 
Good question! There’s actually no difference in functionality or pricing between the two TextChat products, so it all comes down to how or where your website was built.

If you built your website on the Shopify platform, you can find us on the Shopify App Store. Otherwise, get started with TextChat here.

Getting Started with TextChat

What technology do I need in order to use TextChat? 
All you need is your smartphone, cell service, and, of course, your website! You’ll never need anything more than the mobile browser that’s already on your phone and the ability to receive a text message. If you can text, you can TextChat. 

How do I get started with TextChat?
You can get started by claiming your 14-day free trial here. Or, if you’re a Shopify merchant, you can find us in the Shopify App Store.

What happens after my TextChat free trial ends? 
For the 14-day free trial, no payment information or commitment of any kind is required from you. We’re that confident that you’ll fall in love with the TextChat experience.

But, at the end of the two weeks, if you decide that TextChat isn’t for you, there are no hard feelings! We’ll always be here for you if you decide to come back. 

How do I upgrade from my TextChat free trial to a paid plan?
To continue chatting with your customers after your 14-day free trial ends, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan. You can upgrade at any time, but we recommend that you upgrade during your free trial so that you can ensure a seamless customer experience for your website visitors. 

What’s the difference between TextChat and TextChat for Shopify?
There’s no difference in the TextChat product, but the process to get started on Shopify is a little faster than otherwise.

If you’re a Shopify merchant, you can be up and running with TextChat in less than 10 minutes. And, at the end of 14 days, your free trial will automatically upgrade to a paid plan, so you can just sit back and relax.

How does adding TextChat affect my website aesthetic and customer experience?
TextChat shows up on your website as a small, dynamic chat widget in the bottom right corner of every page. Whenever your customers want to get in touch, they can expand the chat window, and then they're just one button away from live chatting with you. After the conversation ends, customers can collapse the chat window so that TextChat shrinks to a small widget again while they scroll through your website.

TextChat is designed to complement your web design and branding. You can customize pretty much everything, from the colors to the messaging, so both the chat widget and the chat window will look just right on your website. TextChat will look like it was a part of your web design all along!

Does TextChat impact my website loading speed? How heavy is the code?
The short answer is, no. TextChat should not impact your website's loading speeds overall.

The long answer is, still no. It's roughly 300KB in file data with a couple of JS and CSS files in our application, and this takes roughly 800ms to load. TextChat should have minimal impact on your ecommerce store. You and your customers probably won't notice any difference at all in your site speed!

The Team Behind TextChat

Where is TextChat based? 
The TextChat team is proudly based in the United States, just outside Philadelphia. We’re a distributed team that's working from home right now to adhere to social distancing during the pandemic, but once things go back to normal, you can find all of us back in our office in Radnor, PA. 

What’s the relationship between TextChat and
TextChat is the product, and is the company that created it. TextChat was created out of our own need to quickly respond to live chat requests on our own website.

The result is TextChat — a streamlined product that gives businesses like ours the resources that they need to communicate with their web visitors and make more sales. 

What inspired you to build TextChat?
The founding story behind TextChat is probably very similar to many of your own experiences. Our founder, Eric Kades, had been using live chat software for nearly a decade, but nothing worked. He and the team tried out product after product, but no matter how fancy the promised software features were, we still couldn't get the most basic functionality out of live chat software — the ability to receive and respond to live chat notifications in real time. The mobile apps and desktop platforms that other live chat software required us to use made unrealistic demands on our time and our staffing budget. It just didn't make sense.

So instead, we built TextChat — a quick and easy way to respond to website live chat notifications anytime, anywhere. No more barriers to entry, no more missed live chat notifications, and no more missed sales.

TextChat vs. Other Website Live Chat Software

How is TextChat different from other website live chat software?
The TextChat experience is all about accessibility. Our users never have to hire any web developers or undergo any platform-specific training just to get started with live chat. 

TextChat is also just the best of both worlds, uniting the best qualities of both live chat and chatbots. The "Support" button routes customers to a chatbot that logs their product support needs, and the "Sales" button routes customers directly to live chat with whoever on your live chat agent team can pick up the chat request first. If the entire agent team is unavailable, then TextChat functions as a chatbot and sends sales inquiries to the agent team to respond to via email.

What if I already use another live chat software tool? 
No worries! You can try out TextChat for free for 14 days anyway. We don’t require any commitment or payment information from you, so there are absolutely no strings attached. You can give us a try and see how it goes. At the end of the two weeks, if you decide that TextChat isn’t for you, no hard feelings. (But we’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love with the TextChat experience anyway!)

TextChat for Ecommerce Websites

How has COVID-19 impacted ecommerce?
Due to social distancing and quarantine policies, many small businesses are making their way online for the first time, and we couldn’t be more excited to support them along the way.

During the pandemic, almost all commerce has become ecommerce. TextChat helps recreate that personalized, in-store shopping experience by empowering web visitors to communicate directly with shop owners in real time. 

How does TextChat serve ecommerce stores?
TextChat is the only ecommerce sales tool you'll ever need. You can answer your web visitors' questions in real time and meet their needs right away.

TextChat not only personalizes the online shopping experience for your customers, it also empowers you to receive and respond to your live chat notifications right away. You'll never miss a chat or a sale again! 

I'm a small business owner with an ecommerce store. Is live chat for me?
Live chat in general might not be the best investment of time or money for you, but TextChat makes serving your customers with live chat the easiest thing in the world. We know all too well how busy small business owners are, being a small team ourselves.

We designed TextChat to be easy to learn, easy to staff, and easy to use: There's no mobile or desktop app to download, so there's no platform training required. Live chat notifications go straight to your entire team as SMS texts that you can't miss, so there's no need to hire a dedicated customer support or sales representative just to do one task.

At the end of the day or whenever you need to take a break, you can easily adjust your availability. TextChat will skip over you and send live chat requests to everyone else on your business team. When you're ready to get back in the game, it's the same button again. That's it! 

Is TextChat only good for ecommerce stores?
Definitely not! TextChat is perfect for any business that communicates with current or potential customers via their website. TextChat helps you answer questions, generate leads, book appointments, explain your services, conduct introductory conversations, and more — all in real time! 

TextChat users span a wide variety of industries. We serve accounting firms, legal firms, healthcare offices, marketing agencies, event ticketing platforms, car dealerships, manufacturing companies, fashion retailers, and specialty goods stores, to name a few.

TextChat and Your Privacy

How does TextChat protect my private data? 
By following security best practices and common regulations, such as GDPR, we carefully protect all of your data. We encrypt all of our sensitive data end-to-end, and all transactions through our system are over SSL connections. Your customer communications are safe with us!

How does TextChat protect my customers’ privacy? 
With TextChat, your customers don’t have to give up their private information just to get in touch with you. You wouldn’t demand to know your customer’s cell phone number while they’re browsing in your physical store, so why would you do so online?

TextChat helps protect your customers’ privacy by opening up a channel for direct communication without requiring them to submit their personal contact information. It’s just one less barrier to the shopping experience. We’ll only ask for their contact information if you can’t be reached in real-time, and it’s never required.