eCommerce live chat to converse and convert visitors into sales

Turn your dead chat into live conversations to deliver a customer experience that converts every conversation into more sales.

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Why does your online store need an eCommerce live chat?

You have the best of products, deals, discounts and storefront features, but a live chat is non negotiable.


Live chat has a conversion rate of 40%


Live chat leads to a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour


40% of customers who use live chat have higher chances of making an online purchase


53% of cart abandonment is because customers aren't able to find answers to their queries

It’s customer experience, not just support!

An eCommerce live chat does more than just offer customer support.
It ensures every visitor on your store gets a personalized buying experience.

Encourage interactions with welcome messages

Reduce your store bounce rate by engaging store visitors in conversations.

Let visitors know you’re around with an automated welcome message popup on your live chat.

Combine it with a discount code and nudge first purchases too.

Be a conversation starter!

Reduce cart abandonment with timely conversations

Stop 60% of your store visitors from abandoning their carts by striking a conversation.

Address concerns and pre-purchase anxiety, offer shopping assistance and even give out an additional discount.

Don’t lose a chance to convert visitors into a customer!

Address customer questions and FAQs

Equip your store visitors with answers that can help them make an informed purchase.

Link visitors to policy pages, frequently asked questions, size guides and other content available on your site.

Offer shopping assistance to personalize buying journeys

Make an impression by using your eCommerce live chat to offer in-store-like shopping assistance to visitors.

Understand what buyers are looking for, offer product recommendations or link them to new arrivals.

Increase time spent on site and boost product discoverability!

Capture visitor information to get more leads

Not around to answer your live chat? Turn it into an opportunity to capture leads.

Ask them for their phone number or email address to get in touch with them. Circle back with answers and bring them back to your live chat on the store!

An eCommerce live chat app that takes your visitor’s journey from one stage to another...

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Why choose TextChat as your eCommerce live chat solution?

Customizable live
chat widgets

Update your color palette, add your logo, and add photos and names for each agent for a totally customized and personalized look.

Instant text notifications
to agents

Update your color palette, add your logo, and add photos and names for each agent for a totally customized and personalized look.

Welcome popup

Update your color palette, add your logo, and add photos and names for each agent for a totally customized and personalized look.

Set your availability

Bring back the work-life balance. Use the toggle button in your agent dashboard to update your availability at any time.

Powerful analytics

TextChat lets you see where your visitors are spending time on your site, what pages they visit, and even their real-time location.

Easy set up

The easiest live chat solution for online businesses to get started with.

Capture leads contextually

Never miss a conversation and come back to the same chat thread anytime!

No live agents needed

Whether you’re a solopreneur or as mall team, TextChat helps you manage it all on your own with ease.

No bulky apps

Manage live chat on-the-go, on your smartphone. No app install or increased screen time required!

Let’s make live chat as simple as texting with TextChat

We’re removing all the bulky apps and delays from the traditional live chat by bringing it
straight to your phone inbox.

No matter what you sell and where, TextChat is for you!

From fashion and clothing to health and wellness products, customized products, food items or even online courses, TextChat is for you.

Our eCommerce live chat app works across all popular CMS and works seamlessly with all types of storefronts.