About Us

For over a decade, we've provided live chat for large businesses nationwide. We wanted to empower small businesses with similar technology to communicate their customers in real time – for less. So, we created TextChat.

Our Story

Welcome to TextChat.

For over a decade, our company has been a provider of live chat services for large businesses, universities, and organizations nationwide. We thought there must be a better way to give small and mid-sized businesses similar technology to grow their business and serve their customers in real-time – for less. So, we created TextChat.

TextChat is a highly personalized live chat tool that brings the timelessness of human connection and the sophistication of AI technology together, in one simple solution.

Unlike other live chat products, TextChat eliminates the need for an always-open, password-connected desktop or mobile app. We streamlined the one-to-one interaction between company and customer. TextChat makes website live chat as friendly and easy as texting with a friend, so you can stop missing chats and start closing sales. It’s an easy-to-use solution that gives both you and your customers your time back.

We are proud to offer you TextChat for FREE for 14 days.

Retailers, salons, art galleries, restaurants, law firms, accounting firms, marketing agencies, realtors, healthcare professionals, home-based businesses, and more all benefit from using our live chat solution. TextChat worked for them, and we know it’ll work for you too.  

Let’s get started.

— Eric Kades, Founder & CEO

Our Mission

At TextChat, we’re changing the ecommerce status quo. Most businesses think they need feature-rich platforms or 24/7 dedicated live agents to get customers and close deals. But we’re rethinking how to approach customer communication with a simple, affordable, and effective alternative — TextChat. It’s one less thing small businesses have to worry about.

Our Core Values

  • Keep it simple
  • Treat every customer as a friend
  • Innovate to improve lives
  • Act with passion and purpose
  • Maintain transparency